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الموقع متاح للإطلاع والقراءة فقط، المشاركة والمواضيع الجديدة غير متاحة حالياً لحين تطوير الموقع.

الموقع متاح للإطلاع والقراءة فقط، المشاركة والمواضيع الجديدة غير متاحة حالياً لحين تطوير الموقع.

عـودة للخلف   الويب العربي المركز التعليمي المجاني برامج المجلات الالكترونية

برامج المجلات الالكترونية جميع انواع برامج ادارة المحتوى
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موضوع مغلق اضف موضوع جديد
خيارات الموضوع طريقة العرض
قديم 12-02-2012, 05:10 PM
القنيطرة القنيطرة غير متصل
تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2009
مشاركة: 54
مستوى تقييم العضوية: 11
القنيطرة is on a distinguished road
الافتراضي أحمي مسار لوحة التحكم من أجل حماية أكبر ولأقوى لموقعك

أحمي مسار لوحة التحكم باقل من دقيقة
حماية مجلة جوملا أمر مهم رغم قوة السكريبت , فالبعض لا يهتم بالأمر او يظن ان دلك صعب ويحتاج خبراء , لكن بمتابعة بعض الدروس المبسطة سيمكنه تحقيق دلك بسهولة ليصبح الموقع أكثر امانا , ملف administrator بمجلة جوملا حساس لما يحتوي عليه , حيث من خلاله يمكن الوصول الى لوحة التحكم ودخول الموقع , وبتضليله تكون قد صعبت الأمر كثيرا عن أصحاب القلوب السيئة للوصول الى موقعك وتدميره , الكثير يستعمل طريقة السي بانل لاضافة يوزر ورقم سري , والبعض الأخر يغير المسار ويعدل على الكونفيج , ولكن اليوم بتطبيق برمجي يمكن عمل دلك وبسهولة .

JISecure My Site
هو تطبيق برمجي رائع أصدر قبل عدة شهور بالموقع الرسمي ليتوافق مع الجيل الجديد , يوفر للمستخدم امكانية تظليل الهاكرز بتغيير مسار لوحة التحكم وحمايتها بمسار سري حسب الرغبة , استعماله سهل ولا سلبيات له ويلزم على كل شخص القيام بدلك للزيادة في حماية موقعه .

1- أول شىء نقوم بتحميل التطبيق البرمجي بأخر اصدار من هدا الرابط
2- نقوم بتثبيت التطبيق البرمجي ونتوجه الى ادارة التطبيقات البرمجية لتفعيله وتعديله .
3- نقوم بالتعديل كما هو مبين بوضع الكلمات السرية حسب الرغبة

4- بعد التعديل نقوم بالحفظ
عند الرغبة بالدخول الى لوحة التحكم سنقوم بالتوجه الى

مع تغيير joomla4ar الى ما اخترت وتوكل على الله

الموضوع الأصلي

أحمي مسار لوحة التحكم من أجل حماية أكبر ولأقوى لموقعك

موقع عربي لدعم جملة | منتدى Joomla CMS
دورة مجلة جملة الصيفية بالفيديو والصوت ستنطلق بعد أسبوعين , التسجيل مفتوح
قديم 21-02-2012, 12:04 AM
VogWrireres VogWrireres غير متصل
عضوية مغلقة
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2012
المدينة: Hungary
مشاركة: 61
مستوى تقييم العضوية: 0
VogWrireres is on a distinguished road
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الافتراضي skuteczne tabletki na odchudzanie

Theres numerous weight loss units currently. Many are priced between najlepsze tabletki na odchudzanie eating habits, to help exercising, to help you slimming tablets. Quite possibly the most popular system these days even if, certainly is the food plan medicine. Most of sell great translates into tabletki na odchudzanie forum small amount of time spans, although the way in which successful really are that they? Rather then swinging head-first directly into a product like diets capsules, perhaps more appropriate to find out what sort of greatest weight loss supplements job plus the easiest method to employ them szybkie odchudzanie tabletki to achieve the effects you desire.

Slimming pills can do a considerable amount of different things. Many curb ones own passion whilst others improve a calorie burning. Some still interfere with odchudzanie your ability to get certain vitamin supplements. No matter what kind you ultimately choose however, the best quality weight loss pills should certainly merely supply along with a good lifestyle. Basically no oral treatment is able to absolutely transform your system free of an individual performing an issue jakie tabletki na odchudzanie for helping this. From looking for whatsoever issues that created you to definitely add pounds, you can actually succeed to fix him or her and select the right method of product for you.

Some form of basic principle always be performing with is without a doubt it: this products is there that will help assist you in your weight odchudzanie decrease pursuit, not necessarily struggle a battle for you. You will also observe healthier consequences, in some cases from a faster lead-time in the process, odchudzanie once you come up with strong lifestyle changes say for example a good diet not to mention physical exercise far too. (The news "diet" comes from what we should usually are having rather than "going even on a diet".) You'll also beginning of experience much better in the process if you help make most of these other sorts of changes. The approach to life transformations may not be all of that very difficult to earn also. To find out smallish by finding some berry tabletki odchudzajace as a substitute for the bag of chips and even deliver the results the right path away via in that respect there. Try to remember, possibly even the most beneficial diet tablets aren't able to make it easier to but if the existence is actually counter-acting exactly what they are trying to perform.

By definitely not re-focusing completely relating to weight loss supplements you will be providing oneself a far more lifelike possibility that you'll odchudzanie tabletki shedding weight. You happen to be furthermore more likely to maintain the excess weight apart while you give up having any remedies. Almost all the finest diet pills are only directed at be used for any a number of period and not to your relax ever experience. By using the drugs along side healthier change in lifestyle you might be quite positioning one self odchudzanie just for superb consequences along with excellent upcoming with attempting to keep your bodyweight down.

قديم 21-02-2012, 12:16 AM
VogWrireres VogWrireres غير متصل
عضوية مغلقة
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2012
المدينة: Hungary
مشاركة: 61
مستوى تقييم العضوية: 0
VogWrireres is on a distinguished road
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الافتراضي odchudzanie tabletki

Quite a myriad of slimming devices available today. They will vary from najlepsze tabletki na odchudzanie diet plans, to be able to fitness goals, to be able to diet tablets. Maybe the favourite method nowadays even if, will be weight loss plan oral treatment. Just about all advertize awesome creates odchudzanie few minutes spans, but the way in which valuable are generally these people? In place of leaping head-first straight into something similar to quality diets pills, it usually is far better to recognise that the ideal weight loss pills give good results as well as the way to make use of them odchudzanie to own gains you would like.

Slimming capsules are capable of doing a considerable amount of different things. Several suppresses an individual's passion and others strengthen a person's energy. Several quite possibly interfere with najskuteczniejsze tabletki na odchudzanie a mans power to process a number of vitamin supplements. No matter what design you finally choose though, one of the best weight loss supplements will need to only provide in partnership with a beautiful lifestyle. No medicine is able to wholly change your body not having most people engaging in a thing odchudzanie tabletki to assist you to it. Through directed at just about anything conditions prompted you put on weight, you may work to refurbish these individuals and choose the best method of ultimate solution for you.

Some form of rationale you should be doing work under is usually that: typically the medicine what are the that can help aid you in your weight tabletki odchudzające forum damage pursuit, not likely overcome a fight for everyone. Site check out superior success, actually in a very smaller length of time at the same time, jakie tabletki na odchudzanie if you happen to produce healthful change in lifestyle possibly good diet and even physical fitness also. (The thought of "diet" describes that which you will be consuming as an alternative to "going even on a diet".) Web page begin to think much better also if you ever create such different modifications. The lifestyle alterations are usually not the only thing that really difficult to help make frequently. You could start little as a result of catching several fruit tabletki odchudzanie rather then your bag of chips together with function your method together right from presently there. Don't forget, perhaps the right slimming tablets are unable to assist you to if you are standard of living is normally counter-acting just what exactly that they want to can.

Just by possibly not putting attention solely relating to fat burning supplements you could be rendering oneself a far more natural opportunity of skuteczne tabletki odchudzające dropping pounds. You can be additionally just about guaranteed to maintain ones fat from when you have leave taking all the medicines. The majority of the very best diet tablets are merely used to be studied for a specific time frame without having it to the rest in your life. Utilize the products together with balanced lifestyle changes that you are genuinely establishing yourself odchudzanie tabletki to get excellent effects and also a great foreseeable future in continuing to keep your pounds from.

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